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Do's & Dont's If You Have An Accident

What To Do

Notify police immediately and call for medical assistance. Get the police officer's name and badge number and the address and phone number of the police station. Ask the officer when the report will be filed and how you can obtain a copy.

Always have access to your insurance company's claim service card with your agent's name and phone number, and your policy identification number.

Keep your insurance company's filing procedures in your glove compartment as a reminder about the information the company requires.

Notify your insurance company or agent as soon as possible.

Get the names of the other drivers, their addresses, work and home telephone numbers, vehicles, license plate states and numbers, drivers license numbers, insurance companies, names and telephone numbers of their agents, and policy numbers.

Get the names, addresses, and work and home telephone numbers of all passengers and witnesses.

Make notes describing the accident, the vehicles involved, their approximate speeds, the setting, the weather, the traffic signs and signals, the road conditions. Take photographs if possible; or draw simple diagrams of the roads and the accident.

What Not To Do !

Don't make any oral or written statements regarding responsibility or blame.

Don't tell others involved in the accident how much liability insurance you carry.

Don't discuss the specifics of the accident with others involved.

Don't accept offers to settle for payment on the spot without thinking about it carefully. You could be held liable later for the same damages.


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